Ziton (owned by STS-Pia) is a main OC who appears in Pixelcraftian's videos.

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General Information



Attack: 2/5 (4/5 with flute or dagger)

Defense: 3/5

Friendship: 2/5


Ziton is a reddish poyo with brownish-red shoes. He has somewhat messy brown hair and wears a light-blue bandana with somewhat darker blue stripes on it.



Not So Easy

Ziton first appeared in Not So Easy, where he appeared trophy-ized by Magolor next to Raylee and Dusty.


  • Ziton is the only one of the 5 main OCs to have not been drawn by Pixel before becoming a main OC due to being a trophy in the only appearance he had made.
    • As of 18 October 2019, Ziton has finally been drawn and has debuted in The Pumpkaniac.


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