Woashi is a character in Pixelcraftian's animations.

Description and Stats Edit

He is green with a white belly and has light orange boots. He has stick arms and legs, and his eyes are dots. He is typically with a second Woashi, and they can randomly explode.

He currently does not have stats.

Appearance Edit

Woashi! Edit

That's the first appearence of Woashi, where it's showing a Woashi Amiibo.

Super Smash Poyos Edit

In this video, two Woashi's got kicked outta the stage by Bluo and his clone.

Trivia Edit

  • Woashi has an emoji in Pixaria.
  • He is the second Mario character to appear on Pixelcraftian's channel.
  • On November 22, 2018, on the 4th birthday of Amiibo, Pixaria's server icon was temporarily changed to have Woashi be in front of the logo.
  • Woashi is supposed to be a joke version of Yoshi
  • in the art event, there was one that you have that draws the villains of the series, and Woashi is a villain, so confirming that Woashi is a villain

Gallery Edit

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