aka Henrique Penguin

  • I live in Brasilian
  • I was born on November 6
  • I am Homen
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Who is Rickhenrique? Edit

Hi, I'm Henrique O., and this is my official Wikia account, and I'm from some of the users who created some pages, like Tommy C and Blue Kirby, and I'm an Artist and Gamer, also Editor, Creator of Music and Animator, and that's what I had in it here, here are several OCs that I created that has its own status and tals, in fact, divide, I think

Creator Edit

Henrique is the creator of several OCs that existed, and also that he is a Fan of the Pixel, came from Brazil, who likes to Eat always a salad in his life, he is the Creator of HSKirby, and that he knows several things of the videos of the Pixelcraftian, and he uses Google translator for some things

Trivia Edit

  • he is some of the Brazilian Friends of Starstorm
    • and that he was only friend because of a message that Henrique is a Brazilian
  • he is some that created as is the Starkebe, the Famous Ship that exists

Gallery Edit

All OCs Edit

Henrique Stickman Kirby: Edit

H.S.kirby (Henrique Stickman Kirby) is a Blue kirby with the cheeks Blue Light, with Dark Blue feet, with big eyes Green and shiny, and has a sword that has life and uses to its attack with its cover in its Body, has powers of Fire, but also you powers of water, Air, earth, Light, Thunder and others, he has 3 simple friends, H.P. Kirby, Live Wood, and Cappy Blue

Personality Edit

he is always playful, than he irritates himself, he will get mad at you, he, although he is innocent up close, but when he prepares, he picks up his cloak, takes his clothes that are alive, and gets angry, does not like Henique's call, he even tries to fix you for you, that's just it.

Transformations Edit

Waddle Dee - H.S.Waddle Dee kebe - H.S.Kebe
Splatoon - H.S.Kirby Splatoon And H.S.K.Squid
Water - Waterby
Wolf - H.S.K.Wolf
Kafein - H.S.Kafein
Paper (Like Paper Mario) - H.S.K.Paper Kirb - H.S.Kirb
Yoyle Motification - H.S.Kirby Metal
Dark Mirror - H.S.Kirby Dark
Magic - H.S.Kirby Magic

Link Ver. - H.S.Kirby Link
Star - H.S.Kirby Star
Cube (Minecraft lol) - H.S.Kirby Cube

Fire - H.S.Fireby
Emerald - H.S.Emeralby
Thorn - H.S.Pricklby

Thunder - H.S.Thunder

Double - H.S.Kirby Double

Marx? - H.S.Kirby Marx

Nature - H.S.Kirby Nature

Stats and All Colers:Edit

Gallery Edit

Arts by Creator of OC (Poses):Edit

Transformations and Versions:Edit

Pixel Videos Appearance:Edit

Henrique Penguin Kirby: Edit

is a Kirby Green that has clothes and also a Golden Notebook that is held behind his back, and was also the first one that was created, that was not used, even so it is known anyway anyway

Personality: Edit

he is friendly, and likes to help his friends, and also likes the green color like that, and also has something that he does not even want to show everyone, that is the hat, and also like Amigavel Show and only

Transformation and Versions: Edit

Pixel - H.P.Kirby Pixel

Stats and Colors Versions: Edit

he does not have any

Gallery: Edit

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