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Tommy C is a character who appeared in the Pixelcraftian channel and I Wanna Talk About It (IWTAI).

He is the older brother of Pixel who currently got a cameo in The Golden Ores as his original art. He had his own channel like Galaxy. He discusses about movies, games, etc. in which is what his channel is focusing on.

Description And Stats Edit

Currently, Tommy doesn't have a status information.

Appearance Edit

Tommy (Pixelcraftian): Edit

Tom has fringed hair at the top, he wears a green-blue T-shirt and has a square body like that of Pixel and Galaxy's. However, unlike them both, he has a round head.

I.W.T.A.I. Channel: Edit

Like his simplified, Pixelcraftian appearance, he has fringed hair at the top, wears a green-blue T-shirt, light grey pants and light black shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people know him as "Sapphire", but due to Tom removing 'Sapphire Studios' from his channel name. His official name on the channel is now just "Tommy C" because the word 'Sapphire' does not reference him anymore.

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