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"No more games, host! Where's that damn The Soul To Seek!?"
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Fighting Marx Soul

Before Fighting

Marx is covered with Nova's energy and evolved into Marx Soul.

Fighting Marx Soul

First, Marx Soul shoots a blue ball to Kebe. Kebe's face turned to flat and went down. Marx Soul summons black hole, Kirb doesn't know what to do, so he stomped Waddle Dee. And then, Waddle Dee, Kabe and Kebe all got sucked into black hole. Then Marx Soul pours out them. Kirby Got hit by cutters, while Kirb is getting hit by arrows which does nothing to him. Marx Soul fires laser, and Kirby reflected it with the Mirror Ability once again. But Marx Soul dodged it this time. Then, Marx Soul fires arrows, while Waddle Dee is confused. Kebe was screaming because Marx Soul gonna attack, Kebe got hit by a ink, then Kebe and Waddle Dee both got hit by large color balls. Kirby and Kabe sucked the colors and shoot at Marx Soul. Then they got sucked by black hole once again. After Waddle Dee become fine, He saw that Kirby and Kabe were in bad situation.

Finishing Marx Soul

Waddle Dee becomes Bandana Dee, then does a wombo combo with Kirb. After Marx Soul falls down, Kebe starts attacking him. Kirby then tells Kabe to pick an ability. Kebe gets the Mirror Ability and uses 3 clones to attack Marx Soul to defeat him. Kabe helps Kirby to distract by using Cutter Ability. Then, Kirby throws his sword at Marx Soul. Then, Marx Soul died.


  • It's only been 1 episode since the last fight with Marx.
  • Before it was changed is "Attacking", in Pixelcraftian Discord Server, the word "raping" has been removed because a member got warned by moderator at "#warns-and-dees" because of rape is a bad word that the moderators ever seen.