Test Dummy is a poyo who appears in Simulation Survival, a Waddle Dee Delight animation by Pixelcraftian.

Description and StatsEdit

Test Dummy does not have a description or stats.

Looks Edit

Test Dummy is a gray poyo with darker gray feet. He has light blue eyes and a light blue mouth, and passes this feature on to people he infects.

Appearances Edit

Simulation Survival Edit

In simulation Survival Test Dummy is the first infected poyo. Test Dummy chases after the non-infected ones until they get infected. Test Dummy was the first infected poyo, thus starting the game of survival.

Not So Easy Edit

He tried in this video to infect Magolor, but failed and was turned into a Trophy.

Trivia Edit

  • Test Dummy is the first kirby to infect others.

Gallery Edit

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