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This is Steve?, for the Steve that participates in SMSC, go here.


Steve is a character in the Pixelcraftian series, he is not a side character nor a main character. His appearance rate isn't so great.

Description and Stats

"Steve is a fierce fighter and can persuade anyone to do what he wants (most of the time..) He has the worst reaction time though and when he wants a fight he's definitely going to lose."

He has 4 attack, -3 defense and 0 friendship.


  • It is shown in ATKW 1 that there are multiple Steve?s.
  • Steve is the first person have a negative stat bar.
    • Specifically, he's the first person to have negative defense.
  • Steve is the only Minecraftian to not appear in a machinima nor Mine-imator animation.
  • Steve and Steve? are not related.


Refernce Picture