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This is Steve, for the Steve that appears in SOOS, go here.

Steve is a character in the Pixelcraftian metaverse, they first appeared in the Mine-imator animation era, but reappeared in Minecraft Steve VS Super Mario Bros. He is now a contestant on SMSC.

SMSC Status

Steve is currently on the Green Team, and has received 42 votes in his time.


  • Steve and Steve? are not the same character, this was made clearer in SMSC Episode 4.
  • Steve is based on the before-shave Steve.
    • However, Steve's design portrays it as a smile rather than a beard.
  • Steve is the first person to go to the bonus room.


  • How he is able to enter Mario's world is unknown, as it doesn't have an IP.
  • When using a Super Bell, his cat form is an ocelot with his head.