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Starstorm (owned by TheCappyGuyBR) is a male yellow Kirby with an orange hat resembling Mario with a '2' on it, he has a dark brown and orange scarf, and black hair. He can use PSI abilities, and apparently can't see without his glasses.

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Description and Stats

"Starstorm" is an OC that's gotten to know the crew far more than any other OC. He's near Kebe at dangerous times, who knows why."

He has 4 attack, 2 defense, and 4 friendship.


Starstorm is a yellow kirby with red-orange feet. He has black hair, wears a brown, red, and dark orange scarf, has brown glasses and an orange hat that has the number 2 on the front of it.



  • Starstorm is based off of Ness from the Mother series, being named after the attack PK Starstorm.
    • Due to this, people jokingly started relating him to Sans in Pixaria; even Pixel himself started doing it.
      • This joke has stopped gaining popularity but it does get some attention now and then.
  • His hat originally had the Earth icon from the Mother series on it, though it was replaced with a more simple number 2, likely to resemble Mother 2, also known as Earthbound.
    • A Franklin Badge was added to his design at one point, but it was removed shortly after it was added.
  • He was one of the first submitted OCs from other countries.
    • The character and the creator are of the Brazilian origin, being the first Brazilian character to be submitted.


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