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why aren't i respected anymore as a worker for dedede.
— Snans

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Snans is a minor villain who appears in a couple of Pixelcraftian's animations.


Snans is a skeleton that has a big skull, a square body with a blue jacket and has stick limbs.


Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby

Snans appears at Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby as a side character helping King Dedede. he gives Clobbah Boi to Dedede to aid his objective of 'Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby'. Snans' voice is revealed (as normal Sans talking), and he made his first debut.


Snans appears briefly, frowning and questioning why Dedede doesn't doesn't respect him as a worker anymore after a lot of waddle dees walk past him.after that happens, Dedede say's that he is now a slaverdee.


  • Though Snans is a villain character since he helped King Dedede in Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby and he considers himself one of Dedede's workers in Slaverdee, he hasn't done any bad things directly to Kirby and his friends.
  • Snans is one of the only characters to speak using a text box, that being the Undertale text box. Keeby has also done this with Discord messages, but he talked with normal text again in a later video.


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