Before The Intro Edit

Waddle Doo had enough about being eliminated. Luckily, Mii knows a way to revenge at Galaxy.

Eriminerton Edit

Before Eriminerton Edit

Everyone who were eliminated (Waddle Doo, Kebe, Mario, LVL Mario, Kirb, Mii, and Kabe) escaped the TLC (Tiny Loser Chamber), and taking on a revenge at Galaxy, so he hid in a room and begin the Eriminerton.

Eriminerton Edit

Hanby was up for it with 441 votes. Meta Knight was a close one with 427 votes.

Challenge (Creator: Pixel) Edit

Kill all the eliminated constants.

Kebe uses flood and Starstorm was afraid. But Kebe's target was Keeby. Also, Galaxy swims in it.

Userunknown defended Mii's attack. Userunknown uses his power and defeated Mii.

Pixel helped the contestants and an eye was spilled out. Galaxy was scared.

Credits Edit

There are no credits. But instead, there's a teaser of Anime The Kirby Way.

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