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SOOS (or Stupidly Overrated Object Show) is a competition featuring Pixelcraftian characters as the contestants; it's hosted by Pixel and Galaxy. Contestants compete in challenges, and if they lose a challenge, they go up for "eriminerton", where the loser with the most votes gets eliminated from the contest. Elimination often results in their death, though they can be revived. Sometimes rejoins are held where eliminated contestants can be voted back into the game for a second chance. There is also one debut where three characters will join the game, those characters being Lime, Bluo, and either King Dedede, Hatena, Inverto, or DefaultSkin. It's unsure what the overall winner of the competition will get. Waddle Dee Delight videos released after SOOS 1 take place after SOOS ended mvm ).s

List of Episodes:

Episode No. Title Thumbnail (+ YouTube URL)
1 So This Is How We're Doing It?
2 Eriminerton
3 The Saltiest Craft Fan
4 A 'Chain'ge of Heart
5 Could've Done It Sooner
6 Jumping into Nonsense
7 Tis' The Spoopy Time
8 Excuse Thee Zombee
9 Galaxy Must Go Away
10 SOOS 10: What a bunch of Square-Heads.
11 SOOS 11: who to debut?
11b SOOS 11b A challenge about Buckets

12 SOOS 12: It's the last one

Elimination Order

S = Safe | U = Up For Elimination/Rejoining | E = Eliminated | R = Rejoined | D = debut

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Kirby S S U S S U U U S E
Waddle Dee S S U S S U U U S S
Kebe S S U E U
Kabe S S U S S U U E
Userunknown S U E U R/U U U S S
LVL Mario S S S U E
Mario S U S U E
Starstorm U S S S S S U U S S
Hanby U S S S S S U U E
Mii S S S U S U E
Keeby S U S U S S U S S S
Objan S S S U S S S U S S
Waddle Doo U E U
Meta Knight U S S S S S U U S S
Marx S U S U S U U U S E
Lime D
Bluo D
King Dedede D


SOOS is hosted by Pixelcraftian and Galaxy, and Steve in one occasion (SOOS 3)