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Have a Super Mario Day!
— Pixelcraftian (Discord)

Pixelcraftian is a YouTube channel run by, fittingly named, Pixelcraftian (mostly called Pixel), the channel is where he posts his animations, primarily Mario animations nowadays called the Mario Mayhem series.

He has done various other animations like Waddle Dee Delight and Mineimator Animations (both now cancelled) and has also worked with many other YouTubers like Level UP and SMG4.

YouTube Channel Description

welcome to pixelcraftian channel! :]

i do super mario animation

super mario is really cool :)

schedule???? whats that

how long are my videos? well, most of the time they're like 7 minutes. maybe 3. maybe 10. maybe 2. who knows

have a good day


  • Pixelcraftian and the self insert, Pixel, are technically not the same character.