Pixel is a character in the Pixelcraftian channel.

During the Minecraft ages, the most times Pixel has been seen is in the Mine-imator shorts, for machinimas, he hasn't appeared much times. When Pixelcraftian moved onto animations, Pixel was used as the host of SOOS with Galaxy being the co-host. During Magolor's Reign, Pixel has been kidnapped by Magolor which leads him to have full access to the characters.

He is nice, but also awkward.

Description And Stats Edit

"Pixel doesn't know much, although he is smarter than Galaxy. He uses his Power Pickaxe in battle to protect himself and fight."

He has 5 attack, 5 defense and 2.5 friendship.

Appearance Edit

2015 Edit

He had brown Hair, black headphones, a dark blue and black T-shirt, blue pants and black shoes.

SM64 Pixel (Othercraftian)Edit

He wears a blue hat and shirt, gray overalls, white gloves, green shoes, white skin and red and brown hair. This is an unofficial color code for SM64 Pixel:

8107EC20 191A
8107EC22 1B00
8107EC24 191A
8107EC26 1B00
8107EC28 191A
8107EC2A 1B00
8107EC2C 191A
8107EC2E 1B00
8107EC38 004E
8107EC3A 9B00
8107EC3C 004E
8107EC3E 9B00
8107EC40 004E
8107EC42 9B00
8107EC44 004E
8107EC46 9B00
8107EC68 207D
8107EC6A 0000
8107EC6C 207D
8107EC6E 0000
8107EC70 207D
8107EC72 0000
8107EC74 207D
8107EC76 0000

In ScratchEdit

He is a character made in pixels, but he has yellow hair, a gray shirt with the Creeper brand, red pants, and gray shoes, white skin, and square eyes.

2017 Edit

He has blonde hair with black headphones, a dark tee-shirt with a green creeper face on, red pants and grey shoes

March 2018 Edit

He is now in drawing form, his shirt is now grey and has no longer has headphones. His arms and legs are lines with circles on the end.

Current Skin (2019)Edit

He is similar to the current character, but he has the PC logo on his shirt, and a hat which is based on the top part of his logo, the "hat" above the letters PC.

Super PixelEdit

He is based off of Mario in SMB1, he has the Blue Hat and Blouse / overalls, bench skin, and yellow hair, and every base of it comes from the current and old Pixel.

September 2018 Edit

His lines are thicker and his hair loses saturation.

Trivia Edit

  • Although everyone dies in All Connected, Pixel (along with Galaxy) were also survivors, because they don't live in Planet Popstar.
  • He may have been killed in The Ultimate Smash Craft, but this was never seen.
  • Pixelcraftian had never appeared in an animation until September 6th, 2018 when he was announced as the host of SOOS.
  • Pixelcraftian has only appeared in a machinima once.
  • He was going to be in Christmas Catastrophe but was replaced by Alex.
    • This could've been for the best considering he has a nice personality and it wouldn't make much sense if he killed Pac-Man.
  • The first time Pixel spoke, nobody could understand him. So subtitles appear now and ever since.

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