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For Stuff That's Not Mineimator!
— Othercraftian64

Othercraftian (formerly Othercraftian64) is a YouTube channel where Pixelcraftian used to post Super Mario 64 videos. This channel only has some videos on it, and no longer posts videos anymore, but in 2019, this channel was revived, and now is just considered Pixelcrafian's second channel.

YouTube Channel Description 

(Before you enter the forbidden lands, warning that the "no-swearing" rule on my main channel does not abide here)

This is my second channel.

• Welcome to Othercraftian where I do stuff that you'd probably not see on the Pixelcraftian channel.


  • He has only one flash animation on this channel, which is in the style of Objan | Animations.
    • but this Video was private now
  • On the original Pixelcraftian channel, there are two videos based on this channel.
  • the logo in his Banner was made by an artist who is known by Pixel, who is called MickeyMario64, in Deviantart
    • The Original logo in PNG by MickeyMario64

      • but changed the Logo to the current one for the channel, and used it for its new Banner and New Icon

        new Logo