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Original Characters is 9th Kirby animation of Pixel's. It features many OC's, and is the first time userunknown fights the crew. It is the latest episode.


At the beginning of the episode, text appears, saying that Kirby and the crew felt "fainty" after the party they had, that party being when they celebrated Pixelcraftian hitting 3,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Kirby and his friends then faint. Kirb comes in and twists the upper half of his body, then falls on the ground. userunknown then comes in, but he gets hit by something and turns into a rock-like object.

The crew then wakes up, and the main OC's are introduced. Lime, one of the main OC's, explains that userunknown possessed some Kirby OC's, and that Kirby and the crew have to save them.

The Kirby crew and the main OC's then go to the OC World, where userunknown and some of the possessed OC's are. Starstorm saves all of the possessed OC's, and everyone fights userunknown. Eventually, Kebe throws a block of TNT at userunknown, and he explodes, glitching the whole OC World and closing the door to it as the crew walk out.


  • This is the first Kirby Animation episode to include OCs.
  • This is the first video where the thumbnail was made by a fan. The user who made it is Bitphone.