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Objan | Animations was the first video, created in March 6th, 2018 by Pixelcraftian. It is Objan's first appearance, and it is 17 seconds long.


Pixel hosted a livestream, called Animating an.. animation. | Livestremz. featuring Pixel creating this animation using Adobe Flash. it starts with silence, pixel using drawings to speak as he was not capable of recording his own voice(or abstained from). promising Imaginative Breakdown.

In this livestream, you can see many cuts that wasn't in the original videos. such as Objan with 'Toy Story' logo as background, as well as objan with one of the discord channel as background.


A scene within the video. featuring all the characters.

Objan dances across the screen in random direction, each scene featuring different background. starting from Blank screen, transitioning into what seems to be two triangles in green colors gradually going lighter as it progresses, a screenshot of Super Smash Bros, featuring an one-to-one battle about to start between Captain Falcon and Luigi, and finally a picture of two characters, drawn in slightly brighter shade of black, with identical body shape, and different head shape. one being circular, and one being square.

The characters looks at objan as he slides across, and the camera zooms into the character with circular face. stays for a few seconds, then shows a close-up of square-headed character's face. looking confused. it soon cuts into part of objan's "edge", moving up and down, it goes back to the scene featuring character with circle head's head and torso. for about a half of a second.

The "GG" in question.

Finally, the camera jump cuts into the face of square-shaped character, making a derpy face. shortly cutting into the picture with both, and an off-centered "GG", in black background. the "GG" looks stretched, and the video ends.


Image Name First Appearance Time
Objan objan.PNG Objan 0:00
Circle person objan.PNG Drawian 0:04
Square person objan.PNG Newb 0:04


  • Objan is introduced.
  • First (currently watchable) livestream was held.
  • Two additional characters, person with round, and square head, is introduced.
  • It was the first animation ever created after pixel quitted Minecraft Machinimas. last one being Imaginative Breakdown (Ultimate Smash Craft #4).
  • The {{Spoiler}} template is related to this video, as the quote "It's that stupid BlackRex here, it's his fault!" references the description of Pixel's livestream.


Name Link Time
Unknown Unknown 0:00-0:16

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