This is a list of all of Objan's friends who are going to appear in a future video. They are simply known as the Drewn Squad.

Drawian Edit

Newb Edit

Others Edit

We have yet to know of these 7 unknown characters.

Trivia Edit

  • Counting Objan, there are 10 members of the Drewn Squad.
  • Minio, Deformation and Steve were cut from the animation.
    • The only time Deformation took place was in Pixaria, where he was an emote for a short time.
      • He had a statistics image, the about text was "He just showed up and he literally does nothing with anything."
  • The 4th unknown character doesn't seem to be friends with Objan.
    • The 5th unknown character is Objan's best friend.

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