Metaphor (Owned by Jonyoh) is an OC featured often in Pixelcraftian videos.

Looks Edit

Metaphor is a green poyo wearing blue shoes and large yellow goggles with a brownish colored rim.

Personality Edit

Metaphor appears as a comic relief character in the Main OC crew. 


Metaphor has the ability to morph into different objects he's seen throughout the day and reverts back to his normal form automatically after a few seconds.

Appearances Edit

Metaphor frequently appears in Pixelcraftian's Kirby animations, such as "Panic at the Party", "Different Mind, Different Kind", and "Simulation Survival".

Trivia Edit

  • Metaphor was picked as a main OC, but the wave was cancelled and started again as a rerewave.
    • However, once the rerewave started, Metaphor was picked as a main OC again by Pixel, so he still became a main OC either way.
  • Metaphor is one of Pixelcraftian's favourite OCs.
  • Metaphor has appeared in 7 animations, 5 of which are considered in the Waddle Dee Delight series.
  • The name Metaphor was chosen because metaphors in figurative writing are used to describe something without the use of words such as "like or as", basically calling one thing another, which is what Metaphor's ability is: changing from one thing into another. 
  • Metaphor's original name was Kōtai(交代) meaning "change" or "shift" in Japanese.

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