Meta Milk is the third episode of Waddle Dee Delight. It aired on April 10, 2018, and is 46 second long. The animation itself is 39 seconds long, and the rest is the end card.


""It's that stupid BlackRex here,
it's his fault!""

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Synopsis Edit

MM Milk

The milk.

Meta Knight is sitting down whilst looking at the ground, then decides to get up and walk over to Kirby and Waddle Dee, who are drinking milk. Meta Knight demands Kirby to give him his milk, but Kirby doesn't let him, so they fight over it. Waddle Dee finishes his milk and leaves. He comes back with a carton of milk titled "Malk", and places it on a platform. Kirby and Meta Knight notice the milk, but Kirby takes this distraction to his advantage and grabs the milk out of Meta Knight's hands.

Appearances Edit

Image Name Time
MetaMilkKnight Meta Knight 0:00
Waddle Dee and Kirby 0:05

Development Edit

Music Edit

Name Link Time
silentdrummer112 - Butter Building cover Unknown 0:00-0:35
Jun Ishikawa - Green Greens [Kirby's Epic Yarn] - YouTube Unknown 0:39-0:45

Trivia Edit

  • Meta Knight has a unique walk animation in this video.
  • This is the shortest WDD animation.

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