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Mario is the a character in the WDD series.

Makermario.png "Super Mario Maker!"

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Appearances (Videos)

Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby

Mario appears at Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby at the end card. He does pretty much nothing aside from sitting at the bottom left corner.

Maximum Pink

Mario appears as an actual character this time, standing on some kind of elevated land. his voice was revealed, and he was shown being pink, normal, and rainbow. His limbs are no longer wide.


Mario is 8-Bit, and fully colored in his Odyssey style.


  • Mario and LVL Mario are not the same character.
  • Mario's appearance in Mario Mayhem and Mario's appearance in WDD are not the same. Canonically, Mario hasn't met Kirby until Kirby VS Bowser's Castle