Mario was a fighter in The Ultimate Smash Bros Series later to become a character in animations.

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Appearances (Videos) Edit

Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby Edit

Mario appears at Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby at the end card. He does pretty much nothing aside from sitting at the bottom left corner.

Maximum Pink Edit

Mario appears as an actual character this time, standing on some kind of elevated land. his voice was revealed, and he was shown being pink, normal, and rainbow. His limbs are no longer wide.

Gold Goomba Glitz Edit

Mario is now pixelated with his Super Mario Odyssey colors.

Mario's Power-Up Calamity Edit

We take a look in Mario's universe, which shows him in his 8-Bit Colors.

Trivia Edit

  • Mario and LVL Mario are not the same character.
    • It was planned though, but a scrapped idea.
    • Neither are their universes.
      • Though, LVL Mario has started appearing in the universe to tell the difference between him and many other characters in Mario's Battle Royale
        • He returns again with the LVL Mario look to tell the difference between him and a user named agethree
  • Mario's brother, Luigi didn't appear until Mario's Power-Up Calamity, 7 months after Gold Goomba Glitz.
  • People questioned in Pixitus that Mario was also pixelated but also "not infected". It's unknown for this reason but his 8-bit universe could have something to do with it.

Gallery Edit

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