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Magolor is a character who makes his first appearance in Magolor's Magic! and is the main villain of his Villain Story.


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Description and Stats

Currently, Magolor does not have a description or stats.


Magolor wears a blue hood that has a yellow gear as the rim and has a blue and gray belt. He has two pointy ears that are yellow and gray at the tips.


Magolor's Magic!

Magolor plays a major role in this video. He teaches Kirby and his friends how to do magic, purposefully hurting them in the process. Kabe grows suspicious, and asks Magolor some questions. Then, Magolor pulls out a trophy gun which turns Kabe into a trophy. Throphy gun is an reference to Super Smash bros Brawl

Not So Easy

Magolor also plays a major role in this video, as after he turns Kabe into a trophy, he decides to rid the world of OCs leaving only Kirby standing. After being called an offensive[1] and annoying little poyt, he turns Kirby into a trophy which made him the only person left in the universe (aside from Galaxy and Pixel) with only Objan being the one survivor who freed Userunknown.


  • Despite Magolor turning good in the Kirby series of games, here he is still bad and wants to rid OC-kind, but this is only because he wanted to be rivals with Kirby again, without all the OCs getting in the way, but when Kirby rejects him, he goes against Kirby too.
  • He cries a little when Kirby refused to be his rival again.


  1. The quote "Did you have an autistic sister when I was gone?" offended certain autistic people.