Kirbycraft is an old personage of the pixel, that is a Kirby Skin of Steve, that is Kirby so that in minecraft, after like the others, never again appeared to inversion of the present easter egg in the called video of Detective Kabe!

Description and StatsEdit

He have no stats


Christmas CatastropheEdit

he appears as wanting to the Christmas tree, he hits the Smash, he takes his Diamond sword, hits the mario, and tries to take the tree, only that he is killed by Pac-Man

Imaginative BreakdownEdit

he appears as if he was fearful asking to stop with the trick, and the luigi does not want, and that later was killed by Herobrine by meeting with the Herobrine and the Pixel


  • Kirbycraft owes his easter egg gift to Detective Kabe! when Kabe and Kebe arrive in Level "K", and when he shows the things on the tables, Kirbycraft appears asleep on the table


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