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and that's when i went to the ice caps to relax in the sun
— Kebe, Extinction

Kebe is a character in Pixelcraftian's videos who was, along with Kabe, drawn and brought to life by Kirby.

Kebe is also one of the most popular characters in the series, owning a fanbase shown in Detective Kabe!.

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Description and Stats

"Kebe is an unpredictable kirby with excellent dance skills but very dumb decisions. She is a formidable foe if she's angry, though."

Kebe has 1 attack, 0 defense, and 3 friendship.


Kebe is a khaki colored poyo with brown feet. She has a pink bow on at almost all times.




  • She is a horrible writer, but her drawings are fine
  • When writing under pressure, she does intense math. Which could reference the hard math meme.
  • Kebe's appearance comes from Kirby: Right Back At Ya, in which Kirby was split into 2 in Episode 9.
  • Kebe was originally planned to be smart.
  • Kebe is an excellent dancer.
  • Kebe has done a lot of assist kills. ie: Stalling Marx, Reverting Keeby's Defense to Zero and More
  • Starstorm has a huge crush on her, though Pixel has officially confirmed that the ship between Kebe and Starstorm (Starskebe) will never be canon, ever
    • Though, they are best friends.
  • She has an e-mail called epic.kebe@gmail.com.
  • When using a Fire Flower, her color palette changes.
  • Kebe was confirmed pansexual by Pixel on both Discord and Twitter