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Keban is a fusion of Kebe and Kabe. Keban was teased in the Pixelcraftian Direct 2018, and they debuted in Combined. While controlling Keban, Kebe and Kabe constantly fight over what they're doing.


Keban is yellow-green with darker yellow-green feet and has a purple gem on their head.

Description & Stats

"Keban takes place when Kabe and Kebe fuse. He/They usually fights with himself/themselves, so try not to get into it."

Keban's attack level is 4. Their defense is 5 while their friendship is 3.



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Back in Blue

Keban briefly appeared along with Kirb while dancing on the dance pad. Once Blue Kirby said that he's no longer Userunknown, Keban stopped dancing (as opposed to being controlled by Kebe). Finally, Kebe and Kabe split themselves. Keban no longer appears for the rest of the video.

Magolor's Magic

Keban briefly appears when Kebe falls onto Kabe when teleporting.

Detective Kabe!

In this episode, Detective Kabe and Kebe use Keban and Kabe's fedora as a disguise to keep others from getting suspicious, however Refroid ends up getting suspicious and takes off the fedora and sees that it was actually Keban which surprises him and many other OCs behind him.



  • Keban is the first fusion of two characters to appear in a Pixelcraftian video.
  • The inside of Keban's mind is all white, and Kebe and Kabe also appear white while inside.
  • In Magolor's Magic!, the gem changes colors depending on who's controlling, this will be reverted on the next video.