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Kabe is a character in Pixelcraftian's Kirby animations who made his first debut in Drawing With Kirby, where he was drawn to life along with Kebe by Kirby. Since then, he has been a major character in Pixelcraftian's videos.

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General Information Edit

"Kabe can basically be called a detective. Like Kirby, he is very kind to his friends but shows more courage. He's ready to fight and tries his very best! He's not really on the defensive side, though."

Stats Edit

Stat Power
Attack 5
Defense 2
Friendship 4

Looks Edit

Waddle Dee Delight (April - October 2018) Edit

Kabe is a light green poyo with dark green shoes.

Waddle Dee Delight (Current) Edit

Kabe's body color is now lighter, and his shoe color is now darker.


He still retains his old Waddle Dee Delight appearance.

Coverage Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Kabe's appearance comes from Kirby: Right Back At Ya, in which Kirby was split into 2 in Episode 9.
  • Kabe was planned to be dumber than Kebe, but this was changed.
  • Kabe was the one who "killed" Userunknown in The New Target, turning into a stone form.
  • Many people thought his new design contained hair, though it's actually an eyebrow.
  • Kabe's shoe from his old design reappeared in Magolor's Magic where Kebe makes a sandwich out of it with magic.
  • On January 5th 2019, he made a Q&A for Magolor, in Discord, where he answered a lots of question ( possessed OCs sleep on ground, traitors go to a strange room, Kirbo started a rebel group etc...).

Gallery Edit

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