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Infringio is a character in the Pixelcraftian Metaverse. He first appeared when a bullet bill launcher shot him out as a weird introduction. He now is the host of Super Mario Super Challenge under the name Your Host

SMSC Status

Infringio is the host of the show, in the show, he's shown to use powerups of his own instead of using Mario-related powerups, also he claims to be "very powerful", only in his universe though.

Infringio has been kidnapped once.

History (Mario Royale/Games)

Infringio first appeared in DMCA Royale when the creator of Mario Royale, InfernoPlus, got a DMCA from Nintendo. So Pixelcraftian created the replacement character for DMCA Royale known as Infringio. However Nintendo was still not happy and wanted DMCA Royale gone so InfernoPlus took DMCA Royale down. After this Infringio was lost until someone revived Mario Royale in which he became the face of Mario Royale.

Infringio was removed from Mario Royale at 24/03/2020 in retaliation from Pixel due to staff changes, and was added back at 30/08/2020, said to be here because "some say he's here to practice for something bigger, some also say he might be analysing everybody else for something bigger."

Infringio was later going to be in Platformer Royale, and Infringios Quest (both cancelled)


  • Infringio was originally gonna be a villain, but was put aside because "he's gone through enough already".
  • Infringio canonically only knows about Mario Royale, any other cancelled game he doesn't know about.
  • Infringio is aware about Pixel's existence.
  • Infringio strikes a resemblance to Energy and some people even thought Infringio was Energy, but Pixelcraftian deconfirmed Infringio being Energy in his discord server.
  • Infringio has a brother named Copyright Infringio who has yet to make an appearance in Pixelcraftian's animations.