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Hiyo is a scientist who appeared in All Connected, where he helped Kirby bring everyone in Planet Popstar back to life after Blur Dee set off a doomsday device. He will likely not appear in another episode. He is yellow and has dark gray feet.

General Information

"Hiyo is a Kirby who is always detirmined to beat his opponents, he is often friendly though. Don't get on his bad side, as everything can go wrong so fast."


Stat Power
Attack 4
Defense 4
Friendship 3


All Connected

In All Connected, after Kirby flees the explosion by flying to outer space, Hiyo speaks to Kirby in wing dings (though there are captions at the bottom), telling him that everyone was dead and that he had to go back to Planet Popstar. To allow Kirby to safely land, he placed a trampoline for him to land on. After Kirby landed, Hiyo introduced himself, then helped Kirby bring everyone back to life by giving him a copy ability that allows him to revive people by inhaling their souls and swallowing him. To make the process faster, he gave Kirby a miracle fruit. Kirby then inhaled the entirety of Planet Popstar, and swallowed, bringing everyone back to life. Afterwards, Hiyo thanks Kirb, says his goodbyes, then teleports away.


  • Hiyo is the only character who has talked in wing dings.
    • He is also the only character who can interact with others through their minds.
  • Though he has never met Kirby before, he recognizes who Kirby's friends are and what Bandana Dee's name is.
  • In All Connected, Hiyo survived the explosion, though it is unsure how.
  • Hiyo's colors are based on one of Test Dummy's original concept designs.
  • Hiyo has become infamous in the community due to his one-off appearance, with many people calling him a plot device and him being involved in many jokes.