Hanby (owned by Doxsero) is a character who has appeared in multiple of Pixelcraftian's Kirby animations. He was originally just an OC, but was later promoted to side-character status due to be being more relevant than other OCs, like Starstorm.
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Description and StatsEdit

"Hanby's" a handy guy, enough said. ...Ok, now seriously, his hand mobility has helped in lots of situations; They're quite exploitable though. He also never hesitates when assisting his friends, but the millenium question: Where did his floating hands come from? An unanswered mystery."

He has 3 attack, 2 defense, and 4 friendship.

Looks Edit

Hanby is an orange puffball with light brown feet. His hands are floating besides him, and they each have a gold ring on the back of them.

Coverage Edit


  • Hanby, alongisde Starstorm, has been the only OC to be promoted to a Side Character, as shown in Pixelcraftian's character spreadsheet.
  • Hanby's name originates from a pun between "Kirby" and "Hand(y)"
  • Hanby is often seen standing behind a stand in his appearances on Pixelcraftian's channel and this has since become a meme in the community dubbed "Standby".

Gallery Edit

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