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Galaxy is now considered different from Pixel's actual brother, the new page now being Luaxian.

Galaxy is a character in the Pixelcraftian channel.

When Pixelcraftian moved onto Animation, Galaxy was used as the co-host of SOOS with Pixel being the host. He is the little brother of Pixel.

Description and Stats

"Proclaimed as the murderer of SOOS contestants, Galaxy is a person who claims to be stupid. He uses many ways to eliminate but when times are in danger he uses his own hand to slap danger away."

He has 10 attack, 5 defense and 2.5 friendship, along with another bar stating his stupidedness which claims he has an infinite amount of.


Galaxy has orange bumpy hair slightly similar to Pixel's and a brown shirt. He's known for being the funny and "stupid" brother.


Galaxy has gotten away with several crimes which are:

  • Murder: Throughout the series, Galaxy has been the main reason for all eliminated contestants (Except UserUnknown and Marx)'s demise which lead them into the SOOS Elimination Void.
  • Theft: Galaxy has stolen pizza. It's pretty obvious.
  • Buying Murderous Items: Galaxy has bought the Transform Gun which can be lead to murder/loss of life happening. This is shown when Kirby was eliminated in SOOS 10.
  • Kidnapping: This is done by killing contestants in SOOS, trapping them in the SOOS Elimination Void.


  • Galaxy is not his real name.
  • Although everyone dying in All Connected, Galaxy (along with Pixel) were also a survivor, because they don't live in Planet Popstar.
  • Galaxy has the most kills in SOOS due to him eliminating everyone, though Trimmy and Pixel have killed to eliminate before.
  • Galaxy is the only person to have never been killed.
    • Despite the whole universe dying (by Magolor's doings and with Pixel kidnapped by him) Galaxy remains the only person in animations to never to be killed.
    • Pixel hasn't either in his animation form, but has been killed in his Minecraft form.
    • Galaxy was almost transformed which could've killed him, but quickly reacted, resisting death.
  • Galaxy's favorite food is pizza, as shown in Very Short Fights: Pixel VS. Galaxy.