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Flash Mario is a different Mario from another time, and an ignorant competitor in SMSC.


Flash Mario looks like Mario, but with a less brighter palette, and sprite stretched to the left or right, mostly to the left, he is supposed to resemble Mario from the late 2000s, where flash animation still thrived and newgrounds was the hip and cool place to be. His personality is far different from Marios.

SMSC Status

Flash Mario is a member of the Green Team, however, he has shown to be unresponsive of the rules of SMSC, he is currently working on Red Team's side, helping them with powerups and trying to get Green Team to lose so he can get voted out. Currently, this has not worked, as Sonic got eliminated before Mario. His team don't know about his status as a traitor.. yet.


  • Flash Mario is not from current times, mostly originating in the early 2010s.
  • Flash Mario is the first character in the Pixelcraftian Multiverse Hub to swear out loud (however censored).
  • Flash Mario and Sonic do not get along.
  • Flash Mario most likely has the most story in SMSC, SMSC 6 is said to focus less from story and more on challenges.
  • Flash Mario and Mario aren't the same people.
  • Flash Mario is free from SMSC