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Drawing With Kirby is the fourth episode of Waddle Dee Delight. It aired on April 11, 2018 and is 53 seconds long. The animation itself is 45 seconds long and the end card is 12 seconds long.


""Hold on, I'm watching a presentation.""

This article or section contains spoilers.


Text appears on the screen saying "How 2 Draw Kirby!" with a subtitle saying "With Kirby". Then text saying "Start!" appears. A circle appears on the left, and Kirby is instructed to draw a circle, and he does so on the right. He is then instructed to draw arms and legs as arms and legs appear on the circle on the left. Kirby then draws arms and legs on the circle on the right. Kirby is then instructed to draw a face, and a face appears on the circle on the left. Kirby draws a face and adds a bow on the circle on the right. Kirby is then instructed to color, and he colors in both circles. The drawings then come to life, and Kirby greets them.


Image Name Time
DWKKabe1.png Kabe (partially drawn) 0:08
Kirby 0:09
Kebe (patially drawn) 0:12
Kebe and Kabe (completely drawn) 0:33


  • Kebe and Kabe make their first appearances. and officially "introduced" to the series.
  • The "drawing coming alive" abilities were shown.


Name Link Time
silentdrummer112 - Butter Building cover Unknown 0:00-0:44
Jun Ishikawa - Green Greens [Kirby's Epic Yarn] - YouTube Unknown 0:45-0:52


  • This episode marks Kebe and Kabe's first appearances.
  • Kebe and Kabe have higher pitched voices than usual in this video.
  • In the music section in the description for the video, there is text that says "I really want to use other music" in parenthesis.
  • It is unknown whether Kirby intentionally brought them to life or not


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