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Cap. Grey (owned by CaptainGreyfYyx) is an OC who featured in a collaboration video between CaptainGreyfYyx and Pixelcraftian, who later became a side OC in Waddle Dee Delight.

Description and Stats

ATK: 3 / 5

DEF: 3 / 5

SPD: 3 / 5

FRS: 4 / 5


The New Target

He wears a green cap with the letter G on it, has bruise marks on his face, wears a green cape, and black shoes with a green body.

And It Goes Grey

He wears the green cap with the Letter G on it, wears a green cape, and black shoes with a green body.

Panic at the Party

He has the same design as in And It Goes Grey, but his body is a lighter color than normal.


He looks the same, but wears a green bandana around his mouth and his body color is reverted back to how it looked before Panic at the Party.

Not So Easy

He looks the same, but he now wears a green scarf that looks similar to Starstorm's scarf.

The Golden Ores

He looks exactly the same, but he no longer is wearing a bandana or a scarf.

Detective Kabe!

He looks the same again, but he now wears a black belt with a light green circle in the middle.



Original Design


  • He is most infamously known by fans as the OC who always dies, as in almost every single Pixelcraftian animation appears in, he dies in one way or another.
    • He is only known to die more often because of his appearance on his own channel.
  • If both Pixelcraftian and CaptainGreyfYyx designs are counted, Cap. Grey has had the most designs out of any OC.