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"Do you think it was THIS that deserted Blur Dee?"
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Blur Dee is a black and red Waddle Dee who works for King Dedede. He was the last villain of the Waddle Dee Delight series. After Waddle Dee escaped Castle Dedede with Kirby and co. in Slaverdee, he started to chase after the heroes in an attempt to defeat the Kirby crew and get Waddle Dee back under Dedede's rule. He ends up teaming up with Spay to kill everyone by deleting them with a bomb using the End Task Button, but after Spay dies, Blur Dee just decides to kill everyone with an unstoppable bomb. However, Kirby escapes, and thanks to Hiyo, he brings everyone back to life.

Cause of Death

After he primes the bomb which will desert the population of Planet Popstar, Kirby and his friends arrive to finish Blur Dee once and for all. Kirby, who has the Fighter ability, goes up to Blur Dee and punches him into the sky. He flies many light years away from Planet Popstar and burns away.


  • Blur Dee's appearance and name is based on the Waddle Dee in Kirby's Squeak Squad's intro where the Waddle Dee was going to steal Kirby's Strawberry Shortcake.
  • He was going to have a spiky hair but it got removed once Slaverdee got officially released. (See infobox)
    • His name used to be Evil Dee, but it was later changed to Blur Dee. This is due to Redorka (aka MrFedorka), a Discord user in Pixaria, nicknaming him that.
  • He killed Captain Grey before, as he revealed that in Panic at the Party.
  • Blur Dee is the second character to have voice acting as heard in All Together. The first being King Dedede. He is voiced by GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA.