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Blue Kirby is related to another character, Userunknown. so if you want to see the related character's page, Click Here.

Blue Kirby is one of the first characters (along with the Kirby, Bandana Dee, and Waddle Doo), he appeared in the animation called My First Kirby Animation, but because that animation was cancelled, he never got to appear again until he appeared later, where he is now Userunknown because of various incidents that happened to him.

Description and Stats 


He is a blue Kirby with dark blue shoes.


My First Kirby Animation

He was responsible for saving the Kirby and Waddle dee when a Waddle Doo came to attack them, so then he became friends with Waddle Dee and Kirby, but he already knew that Kebe, Kabe, and Kirb existed (confirmed in The Questions They Answer). However, since this animation was never finished, his appearance was never revealed until The New Target, where Userunknown explained that he was Blue Kirby.


  • Although he is the first Kirby in the current 2D animations, he was never used, and was forgotten by everyone, until Userunknown came by.
  • Like Kirby, Kebe, Kabe, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Kirb, and also the others, Blue Kirby was inspired by a regular Blue Kirby.