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The Bit Crew are 8-bit versions of the crew (Kirby, Bandana Dee, Kebe, Kabe and Kirb). They appear in Pixel Pals and are considered a one-time appearance.

Description and Stats

The Bit Crew doesn't have a description or stats.


The Bit Crew looks like the original crew but with a pixelated, Kirby's Adventure-esque style.


Pixel Pals

The Bit Crew meet the original crew and Bit Kabe and Bit Waddle Dee swap bodies with Kabe and Bandana Dee by using a button. Bandana Dee and Bit Waddle Dee eventually revert them back to their normal states with the button.


  • The Bit Crew didn't have a name until a user by the name of Bitphone dubbed them with said name.
  • Pixel is thinking about them making a return, most likely as side characters or cameos


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