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So, who´s ready for the Q&A?
— Bandana Kirby, in The Questions They Answer
Bandana Kirby is a blue kirby that appeared in "Super Smash Poyos", and is an original OC of Pixel, but he was never mentioned again.

Description and Stats Edit


Bandana Kirby has ? attack, ? defense, and ? friendship.

Looks Edit

Bandana Kirby's body is a light blue with his shoes being a darker shade. He wears a red bandana.

Coverage Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He was (perhaps) inspired by the Bandana Waddle Dee.
  • He never appeared again, just mentioned in 10,000 Subscribers, as OCs shown.
  • For knowledge or Irony of Destiny, its color palette is from the Pixelcraftian Original Logo

Gallery Edit

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for you to see the Bandana Kirby images, click here

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