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Bandana Dee (or Waddle Dee) is one of the main characters in Pixelcraftian's animations. He plays a major role in many Waddle Dee Delight videos.

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Description and Stats

"Bandana Dee is a cute friend of Kirby's friends, he also has great strength and curiosity. He tries to help others but also shows some courage!"

Bandana Dee has 3 Attack, 3 Defense and 4 Friendship as stats.


Waddle Dee Delight (April - October 2018)

Bandana Dee is a standard orange Waddle Dee that has lighter orange feet. He wears his bandana sometimes, typically in battle.

Waddle Dee Delight (Current)

Bandana Dee now has a reddish-orange body color and has yellow feet. He wears his bandana at all times.


Bandana Dee still has his original WDD design.


Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby

Bandana Dee appears briefly at the end card, sitting at the bottom right corner. his eyes shrinks as Kirb casts magic.

Maximum Pink

Bandana Dee appears as a co-protagonist of the episode, helping Kirby on his way to restore the place which was losing colors other than pink. they ends up succeeding. Notably, Bandana dee with a rainbow color appeared for a brief seconds.


  • Bandana Dee is the only character to have undergone a name change after his debut, changing from his old name of Waddle Dee.
  • Bandana Dee and Kirby are the only characters to get a series named after them, both being called Anime, The Kirby Way and Waddle Dee Delight respectively.


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