Antigrafo is a main OC who appears in Pixelcraftian's videos.
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General Information Edit

Description (and personality) Edit

Antigrafo is a youngish, adventurous poyo, who usually is very sensitive personality wise, caring, polite, and usually tries to think of his friends before himself. He easily crumbles under stress, pressure, and teasing. Despite this , he tries his best to help protect others, and works best with reassuring, and kind people.


Strength: 2/5 (3.5/5 with his electricity) Defense: 3/5 Speed: 3.5 /5 (4 with elec, it also boosts atk speed) Health: 4/5 Magic/Mana: 4/5

Looks Edit

Antigrafo is green, and has darker green feet. He has a gray hat and a metal plate on the right side of his face which holds his cybernetic eye.

Abilities Edit

Antigrafo holds 2 unique abilities, 1 is the ability to conduct and create electricity across his body, he uses it most effectively at point blank/ low range, but can still use it at a medium distance. His other ability is enhanced speed, in summary , he can move and attack with his limbs much faster than your average poyo. These to abilities, are very crucial to him, and his survival.

Appearances Edit

His former blue poyo design premiered in the as of now, final episode of the Magolor arc, The Golden Ores, as a small cameo, and made his first official debut, in OCs Buy A House..

Trivia Edit

  • Antigrafo is one of the nine OCs to be chosen as a main OC on May 23, 2019, however because the wave was restarted, it did not count.
    • However, during the second version of the OC rewave, an OC who was ranked very low by the staff and was generally disliked by the members of the Pixareboot Discord server was picked as the RNG pick. Eventually it was later decided that Antigrafo would keep his spot as main OC because he won the RNG pick the first time around.

Gallery Edit


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