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Anime, The Kirby Way (ATKW) is a new series created by Pixelcraftian.

There's a teaser for it at the end of SOOS 9: Galaxy Must Go Away.

The first episode was meant to come out sooner, but Pixel lost it all due to it being corrupted.


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List of Episodes

Episode No. Title Thumbnail (+ YouTube URL)
1 ATKW 1: A Suitcase of Problems


  • ATKW starts off after episode 99 of Kirby Right Back At Ya to avoid N.M.E. confusion.
  • This is the first time an animation had its files crashed and corrupted.
  • All Connected also crashed, but fortunately did not corrupt.
  • According to Pixel, this did "cost a monitor" but it was easy to fix
  • This Kirby and the Pixelcraftain version of Kirby are Different. One is Like the Original (ATKW Kirby) And the other has its own personality and Differs much more than the other. (Pixel's Kirby)